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What is In Depth Music?

In Depth Music is an independent online music library focusing on late 70’s and 80’s music genres such as post-punk, new wave, indie rock and many more genres from that time. You can for example easily discover new bands which used to be difficult to find. Each band has their own band page with important information and discography. 

​In Depth Music also deals with 90’s, 00’s, 10’s bands making  post-punk, gothic rock, minimal synth music and other genres that came into existence in 70’s & 80’s.There are separate lists of these bands where you can also find links to their website, Facebook and Bandcamp.

How can you help In Depth Music?

How can you help In Depth Music? You can send various information to us such as a band’s biography, land of origin, line-up and other information. We are trying to collect as much information as possible about every band and then publish it on the website.
If there is a band which is missing from our genre list or if some info about the band is missing, you can let us know. We will edit it as soon as we can.
You can also help In Depth music by sharing our website with friends, acquaintances, family or through social media.

Your music on In Depth Music!

You are from a band, and want to promote your music worldwide. You can send us your music to [email protected]
You will be featured in one of the playlists/mixes of In Depth Music.   
We also like to receive your music on vinyl for free, so we can play your music at various clubs & venues in Europe, because we are old school.

In Depth Music also accept cd's and cassettes.
All cd's and cassettes that we receive will be used in one of the playlists/mixes of In Depth Music Radio.


We upload every week rare, unique, underrated & new releases on our Youtube channel. 
In Depth Music upload this kind of music to support the music scene and the bands.
And yes we think it's important that every band should be heard! ​ 

Your release on In Depth Music. Yes, it's possible!  
You will be heard by thousands of In Depth Music listeners from all around the world.
We like to upload your music on Youtube. We only do that when you have give us your permission. 
And you keep all the rights!

How to contact us?

You can contact us in two ways. You can either do it via Facebook or you can send us an e-mail to [email protected]