Independent (vinyl) DJ from The Netherlands

Post Punk, Gothic Rock, Coldwave, Darkwave, Deathrock
New Wave, Synth Pop, New Romantic, Neo-Psychedelia, Indie Pop, Indie Rock 

Let me take you back to the alternative 80’s! I am DJ Dragnet, an indie DJ who focuses on the best music from the 70’s & 80’s. From the well-known songs to the more obscure, from new wave, post punk to indie.

DJ Dragnet started his career in early 2016 at Cafe Mono in Amsterdam. After 3 years DJ Dragnet has played at various clubs & events in The Netherlands, Belgium & Slovakia.

You can book DJ Dragnet for more than 3 hours of music. DJ Dragnet has a huge collection of post-punk, gothic rock, deathrock, new wave, synthpop, indie rock/indie pop records.

DJ Dragnet is also the founder of In Depth Music. 



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13-02-2019: In Depth Music Radio [Red Light Radio], Amsterdam, The Netherlands
15:02-2019: Blissmal [OCCII], Amsterdam, The Netherlands
23:02-2019: Valse Start [Volta], Amsterdam, The Netherlands
02-03-2019: A Carnival Macabre [Brigant], Arnhem, The Netherlands
21-03-2019: Sólveig Matthildur + Raderkraft [OCCI], Amsterdam, The Netherlands